Scania has received quite a relevant order to sell about 2,500 trucks in the UK. In fact, Consortium Purchasing group orders an extensive fleet of trucks to be delivered across the Culina Group, WS Group and A.W. Jenkinson Group. About 100 of these trucks will be electric.

The trucks are expected to be delivered over 12 months. According to the manufacturer, the deal includes internal combustion engine trucks powered by the latest generation 13-litre SUPER drivetrain and 100 battery-electric trucks, some of the first Scania regional-haul battery-electric 4×2 tractor units to be used on UK roads. 

A relevant order of Scania trucks in the UK

“Scania has had a close and successful relationship with Culina Group, WS Group and A.W. Jenkinson Group for many years. This is a significant deal that marks a milestone on our continued journey towards sustainable transport”, commented Christian Levin, CEO for Scania.

scania electric truck

“It’s been a difficult time for OEMs with global supply issues, but Scania has worked closely with us over the past two years to minimise the impact for both parties. This is testament to the true partnership between the businesses”, added William Stobart, Deputy CEO of Culina Group.


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