The Norwegian Postal Service (Norwegian Post) ordered 29 Volvo Electric trucks, making the order one of the largest ever for Volvo Trucks in Europe. All trucks have the same driveline but will come in different configurations of the Volvo FL and FE models, with two and three axles respectively. The Norwegian Postal Service has previously placed an order with Volvo for 13 biogas fueled and three electric trucks. In total during 2022 Volvo Trucks will deliver 32 electric and 13 biogas fueled trucks to the Norwegian customer.

This is clearly the largest order ever for Volvo electric trucks in Norway, and it is a major contract even in an international context

Espen Sanne, Fleet Sales Manager Volvo Trucks Norway

Volvo Trucks for the Norwegian Post

In the level of deployment of electric trucks in Europe, Norway is currently surpassed only by Switzerland. Big players like the Norwegian Post are showing their commitment and breaking new ground by implementing their progressive environmental strategies for transport, helping solve distribution challenges of both today and tomorrow.

«We are happy to have made this deal and we want to put these vehicles in operation quickly, from Tromsø in the north to Kristiansand in the south. 37 percent of our fleet now runs on renewable energy – and that share will increase significantly going forward. We have an ambitious environmental strategy that will benefit the whole country and in order to keep the pace up in this important work, we need quality-focused and ambitious partners like Volvo», declared Kenneth Tjønndal Pettersen, press officer at the Norwegian Post.

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«Regional transport with electric trucks is a feasible solution»

«It is very important that the big players lead the way. This kind of order clearly tells the world that regional transport with electric trucks is a feasible solution on a large scale. The Norwegian Post is helping to demonstrate that this is realistic already today», added Bjørn Inge Haugan, Sales & Marketing Director, Volvo Trucks Norway.


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