TRANE Technologies Thermo King brand is exhibiting at ACT Expo, the major clean transportation exhibition held in Las Vegas. Thermo King’s offerings aims to minimize environmental impact range from high-efficiency and low-emissions diesel options to all-electric transport refrigeration units (TRUs) and auxiliary power units (APUs).

More into details, the evolve family of products continues to grow with the testing of single- and multi-temp hybrid-electric refrigerated trailers. Preliminary trials run over the course of 2,000 hours and 40,000 miles with over 400 deliveries demonstrate significant progress in reducing carbon emissions and fuel consumption.

Thermo King at ACT Expo: the products on display

Among the products on display are the e200, all-electric TRU for Class 1-4 trucks and vans; the e300, all-electric TRU for Class 2-4 trucks, and the e1000, all-electric TRU for Class 5-7 trucks. TriPac Envidia is the all-electric APU with industry-leading power at 8,000 British Thermal Units per hour (BTUh), while it’s called Precedent S-750i the hybrid diesel-electric TRU for trailers.

thermo king-e300

Additionally, Thermo King offers a glimpse into two upcoming multi-temp product launches. These include the e1000M, a multi-temp, all-electric TRU for Class 5-7 trucks slated for launch later this year, and the Precedent S-750M, a hybrid-electric TRU which will allow for temperature-controlled trailers to haul multi-temp loads, slated to launch in 2025.

thermo king-e300 Isuzu

Additionally, at ACT Expo, Isuzu will showcase Thermo King’s e300 electric transport refrigeration unit on an Isuzu NRR electric vehicle, demonstrating a zero-emission box truck.


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