The overall sales of the brands belonging to the TRATON Group overcame for the first time 300,000 units in 2022. Of course, such a figure is referred to all the vehicles sold by the group. At 305,500 (in 2021, TRATON sold 271,600 vehicles, the Group’s unit sales worldwide were 12% higher than in the previous year. Nevertheless, without taking Navistar’s first-time full-year consolidation into account, unit sales of the TRATON Group would have declined by 7%.

TRATON Group: sales and orders in 2022

The rise in unit sales was partly attributable to the 10% increase in the truck business, with 254,300 (2021: 230,500) vehicles sold. Unit sales of MAN TGE vans came in at 21,600 (2021: 22,200) vehicles, a year-on-year decline of 3%. The TRATON GROUP recorded a 7% decrease in incoming orders, which stood at 334,600 (2021: 360,000) vehicles in 2022. Incoming orders of trucks declined by 10% to 274,300 (2021: 305,700) vehicles. The bus business, on the other hand, saw a significant increase in incoming orders, which grew 45% to 32,300 (2021: 22,200) vehicles.

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All the brands were restrictive in accepting new orders in light of already having almost as many orders on the books as there is capacity to produce in an entire year and the difficulty in predicting the further development of the costs of energy and bought-in components.

Scania, MAN, Volkswagen Truck & Bus and Navistar

Scania’s unit sales of trucks and buses dropped by 6% to 85,200 (2021: 90,400) vehicles in 2022. Truck unit sales declined by 7% to 80,200 (2021: 85,900) vehicles. Scania was extremely restrictive in accepting new orders, which meant that its incoming orders stood at 82,100 (2021: 116,800) vehicles at the end of the year, a decrease of 30%.

MAN Truck & Bus only saw its total unit sales decrease by 10% to 84,500 (2021: 93,700) vehicles despite production standing still for six weeks at its truck plants in Munich and Krakow as well as production stops at other MAN sites. Truck unit sales declined by 13% to 58,100 (2021: 66,800) vehicles. MAN Truck & Bus’s incoming orders stood at 109,700 (2021: 143,500) vehicles, down 24% year-on-year, since it was equally restrictive in accepting additional orders.

Volkswagen Truck & Bus saw its unit sales decrease by 6% to 54,100 (2021: 57,400) vehicles in 2022, primarily as a result of weaker demand in Brazil. Truck unit sales were down 11% at 47,100 (2021: 52,800) vehicles. Finally, Navistar has been consolidated in the TRATON GROUP since July 1, 2021. It reported unit sales of 81,900 vehicles in 2022 with 69,100 trucks and 12,800 buses sold. Navistar’s incoming orders came in at 86,000 vehicles.


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