DSV Road Italy, the road transport-focused division of the DSV Group, has completed a test phase with Volvo Trucks Italy aimed at including electric vehicles within its fleet and promoting sustainable transport in urban areas.

The trial involved a number of BEVs intended for distribution activities in the Milan area. In addition to evaluating their performance in terms of reliability and transport efficiency, the tests also analyzed the benefits the vehicles can bring in terms of environmental impact. According to the results obtained, their use guarantees a 50 percent reduction in CO2, which is perfectly in line with the objectives set by the Group.

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The collaboration between DSV and Volvo in Italy

“This initiative represents an ambitious and necessary step to gather valuable data and experience that will enable us to optimize future implementations and ensure a sustainable path for both us and our customers”, said Soeren Krejberg Hansen, Executive Vice President of DSV Road. “Testing with Volvo Trucks and talking with their management will help us lay the groundwork for the implementation of an intelligent, environmentally friendly and fully integrated transportation system to achieve our global goal of zero emissions in our operations by 2050”.

The next step for DSV’s Road division is to implement more than 300 BEVs between 2024 and 2025, reaching 2,000 units by 2030. A further goal is to introduce more low- and zero-emission vehicles as well as vehicles using HVO fuel.


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