Nikola has delivered its very first Nikola Tre BEV truck to California port drayage company Total Transportation Services Inc. (TTSI). The latter has also signed a letter of intent in order to purchase a total of 100 zero-emission trucks. The whole announcement is consistent with what Nikola stated back in September during the inauguration ceremony of the production plant in Ulm, which is supposed to serve the US market in an early stage, before starting to work for the European one. Moreover, during the opening ceremony an agreement with Hamburg Port Authority to delivery up to 25 BEV trucks by 2022 was also announced.

Thirty Nikola Tre BEV trucks at first

More into details, TTSI’s letter of intent is for 100 zero-emission trucks beginning with a four-truck pilot of two BEVs and two FCEVs. Based on satisfactory completion of the vehicle trials and subject to TTSI obtaining certain government funding, thirty BEVs are projected to follow later in 2022, and 70 FCEVs are anticipated to start in 2023. According to TTSI, in any given month 13,000 to 14,000 trucks call at the port of Los Angeles/Long Beach, emitting roughly 2,600 tons per year of smog-causing nitrogen-oxide emissions. This location and transportation use case represent one of the largest opportunities in California to make a significant impact for the transition to sustainable transportation.

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The reasons behind a partnership

«This day represents a major step in our continual quest to achieve a zero-emission fleet, which is why TTSI highly values its partnership with Nikola. Production, performance, and maintenance will be the key to our future success, and we are confident Nikola will excel on all three fronts», said Vic LaRosa, president of TTSI.

Potrebbe interessarti

«Nikola committed to make its first Tre BEV deliveries in Q4 2021 and it is a big honor to celebrate this milestone with our partner, TTSI, and dignitaries who are committed to advancing zero-emission transportation solutions to reduce truck emissions in port operations», said Nikola CEO Mark Russell. «TTSI has significant sustainability goals, and we are pleased to help them achieve their vision with our zero-emission trucks


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