Plug Power has chosen the port of Duisburg, Germany, as the location of its European headquarters. The US company is highly specializing in hydrogen economy, particularly in the fuel cell segment. Together with the Renault Group, Plug Power has created the joint venture Hyvia back in June this year, focusing on the development of hydrogen-fueled cars and light commercial vehicles. Also, the US-based group has recently reached agreements both for the European and for the Asian markets in the field of hydrogen development.

The reasons why Plug Power chose the port of Duisburg

Duisburg, the world’s largest inland port, offers the company direct maritime supply chain connections to
Antwerp, Belgium and Rotterdam, Netherlands. This location will allow Plug Power to capitalize on the major assets of the Duisburg region’s industrial area, including a large concentration of logistics and transport customers and a highly skilled workforce. Duisburg has also been elected as one of three hydrogen technology capital cities in Germany, giving Duisburg a decisive role in the German energy transition. As such, Plug Power is establishing itself at the center of the European hydrogen ecosystem and will be well positioned to contribute to the development of future green hydrogen applications.

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The initial 70,000-square-foot facility will house an innovation center with engineering labs, a monitoring, diagnostics and technical support center, an on-site electrolyzer enabling green hydrogen production, an inventory and logistics center, and a training space. The extensive logistics areas of the Port of Duisburg can accommodate future expansions, enabling the company to meet its rapid growth plans in Europe.

Statements from Plug Power and the Mayor of Duisburg

“Plug Power intends to play an important role in the development of green hydrogen in Europe and to
contribute significantly to the European hydrogen strategy”, said Andy Marsh, Plug Power CEO. “Our
establishment of a headquarters in the Port of Duisburg supports our ambitious objectives for leading the
build-out of a global green hydrogen ecosystem”.

“The location of Plug Power’s European headquarters in the Port of Duisburg underscores the international importance of the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region. The city of Duisburg, one of the most important business locations in NRW, is setting the course for an energy transformation. Both the Hydrogen Innovation and Technology Center and Plug Power’s new European headquarters will create value for the port city. We look forward to continually developing Duisburg together”, added the Mayor of the City of Duisburg, Sören Link.


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