Scania will play a fundamental role within Falkenklev Logistik’s charging hub and solar park in Malmoe, Souther Sweden. Indeed, Falkenklev Logistik is planning a 22-vehicle electric charging station at a new company depot. The site, which could potentially be expanded to charge up to 40 vehicles simultaneously, will become Sweden’s largest truck charging station when it opens later this year. Scania will supply five full-electric trucks, as well as 1.6 MW of charging equipment.

The charging station in Malmoe: Scania with Kempower

The five Scania battery electric 4×2 trucks, with vehicle bodies built by SKAB, will be used by the haulier in its goods distribution jobs throughout Skåne in southern Sweden. The charging station in Malmö will be supplied by Finnish manufacturer Kempower and delivered by Scania. The system is built on smart technology that can supply energy based on the number of vehicles charging simultaneously, with an initial maximum output per vehicle of 250 kW and the potential to upgrade to 320 kW per vehicle in the future.

Falkenklev has also commissioned the solar energy company Soltech Energy Solutions to build a 1.5-hectare solar park along with a 2 MW battery energy storage system to create a state-of-the-art energy hub. It is worth mentioning that Falkenklev has agreed to make the charging stations publicly available for charging of other vehicles, in addition to the haulier’s own trucks. The site will also be able to support en-route charging of long-haul electric trucks.

100% renewable and far-sighted project

«The charging stations and solar park are an idea I have had for a couple of years. With the need to become more sustainable and the way diesel prices are increasing, it was quite obvious to me that we had to do something, and we are committed to electrifying our fleet. The electricity is being generated by solar power, which makes it 100% renewable. It’s a really proud moment for us», said Falkenklev Logistik’s CEO Victor Falkenklev.

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Jonas Rickberg is the new Scania CFO 

Rickberg, who is currently Vice President Finance and Business Control, Sales and Marketing at Scania, succeeds Johan Haeggman, Scania’s CFO since 2015. Haeggman assumes the role as head of TRATON Financial Services, a dedicate captive financial services branch within the TRATON GROUP.

«Supplying our e-mobility solution for this ambitious project is further evidence of the rapid development of electrification in the heavy transport industry», commented Fredrik Allard, Head of E- mobility at Scania. «This initiative is a perfect example of how new ecosystems and user models are being created to come up with the electric solutions that we urgently need to decarbonize the transport system, to make it sustainable for the long-term».


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