The participation of e-truck manufacturer Tevva in IAA Transportation was the right occasion to officially launch in the European market a new truck concept. As usual for Tevva, it is a hydrogen electric truck, meaning that it’s basically an electric truck equipped with fuel cells (Canadian Loop Energy is the official supplier) that make it possible to increase the vehicle range.

Tevva 19-ton hydrogen electric truck: 500 km range

The new truck is expected to have a range of up to 500km depending on the number of hydrogen cylinders specified and can refill in 10 minutes. Tevva believes hydrogen is a solid potential to be a vital part of the renewable energy mix for European commercial transportation. Major European governments such as Germany, France and the UK, have all committed to hydrogen strategies resulting in significant inward investment. Tevva is investing in and partnering with stakeholders from the hydrogen value chain to develop a turn-key solution to accelerate hydrogen-electric truck adoption. Tevva aims to make green hydrogen simple, safe and cost-effective for its customers by managing their energy procurement.

Potrebbe interessarti

At IAA, Tevva has also announced some of its first partners among European transport companies, including Kinaxia Logistics, Codognotto and FM Logistic, to showcase its range of full-electric and hydrogen-electric, medium-duty 7.5t to 19t (Class 5 to 8) truck solutions designed for the European market.

CEO Asher Bennett speaking

“The 19t-truck market is a vast and exciting opportunity for Tevva in Europe”, stated Tevva founder and CEO, Asher Bennett. “We have created a truly differentiated product and service offering to complement the needs of our European customers. We have already received significant interest in the 19t model and look forward to collaborating with our customers and industry partners to create a pan-European fleet electrification ecosystem”.


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