TRATON launched its Charging Solutions, providing access to charging locations for electric trucks. TRATON Charging Solutions is a new service entity of the TRATON GROUP dedicated to simplifying electric commercial transport. It offers a range of capabilities, including contracting, invoicing, route planning, and utilization insights, to ensure a seamless charging experience for electric commercial vehicle operators.

“For electric commercial transport to be adopted at scale, charging solutions need to be both accessible and affordable,” said Petra Sundström, Managing Director at TRATON Charging Solutions. “Our mission is to connect the best charging locations on the road with the best brands and to help drivers find them. In doing so, we provide the back-end capabilities for our brands’ charging services so that their customers can benefit from the best charging access in Europe.”

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TRATON Charging Solutions, starting from Scania customers

TRATON Charging Solutions covers a variety of operators, all of whom run public charging locations. This makes the solution accessible to all brands, even those outside of the TRATON GROUP, and thus the perfect fit for multi-brand fleets. In particular, Scania’s customers will be the first in the TRATON GROUP to benefit from TRATON Charging Solutions thanks to the new Scania Charging Access. This Scania service ranks charging points according to how suitable they are for trucks. Regardless of who is operating the charging points within the network, customers only receive one consolidated invoice, from Scania.

Moreover, one of the first charging point operators that has been contracted directly is Milence, the joint venture between the TRATON GROUP, Daimler Truck, and the Volvo Group. Milence aims to build and operate at least 1,700 high-performance green energy charging points on and close to highways as well as at logistics hubs in Europe.


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