Not long ago, Volvo Trucks announced the intention to develop hydrogen trucks, with the aim of launching them from 2025 onwards. We’re referring to hydrogen fuel cell trucks, of course. Now, the Danish giant of hydrogen distribution Everfuel joins the Swedish manufacturer in the development of these awaited trucks.

The Volvo hydrogen trucks to be testes from 2023

More into details, Everfuel will supply green hydrogen and fuelling solutions for zero emission mobility within long-haul trucking. The Volvo fuel cell trucks will be tested in Northern Sweden and in Spain to expose the vehicles to both extremely cold and warm operating conditions. During the testing period Everfuel will provide a moveable hydrogen station to refuel the trucks at both test locations. The test period is scheduled to start in 2023.

“The collaboration with Volvo Group is highly valuable to us and we intend to do our outmost to support the commercial launch of their fuel cell trucks”, said Jacob Krogsgaard, CEO of Everfuel. “We look forward to learning more about fuelling hydrogen under extreme conditions. Volvo’s decision todevelop clean hydrogen-powered trucks is an important validation of how hydrogen and batteries will complement each other in the rapid transition to a future of fossil- free mobility”.


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