Developers from Mercedes-Benz Trucks successfully charged for the first time a prototype of the eActros 600, which was presented last year, at a charging station with an output of one megawatt at the in-house development and testing center in Wörth am Rhein.

The launch of series production of the eActros 600 is planned for the end of 2024. In addition to CCS charging with up to 400 kW, the eActros 600 will later also enable megawatt charging at a full 1,000 kilowatts, once it becomes available. Customers can order a pre-installation for this. MCS technology is to be retrofittable for these models.

Mercedes-Benz eActros 600 and megawatt charging tests

“Our developers have put the newly defined MCS Standard into the e-truck in the shortest of times with full charging capacity – an outstanding feat of engineering. Customers placing high demands on range and vehicle availability will benefit in particular from megawatt charging at 1,000 kilowatts in future”, said Rainer Müller-Finkeldei, Head of Mercedes-Benz Trucks Product Engineering.

“The first successful megawatt charging test with our e-truck is an enormous step forward. Within the industry, a charging capacity of more than 700 kilowatts is already referred to as MCS charging. We, however, understand the importance of our customers being able to charge the eActros 600 at a full 1,000 kilowatts and thus benefit from short charging times with a long range. We are now working at full speed to take the MCS technology in our eActros 600 to series maturity”, added Peter Ziegler, Head of E-Charging Components, Mercedes-Benz Trucks.


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