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[Video] HVS tests its hydrogen fuel cell truck with a semitrailer

HVS' second test vehicle, X2.0, was put through its paces on the test track, delivering the very first trailer pull. Powered by green hydrogen, according to the British hydrogen truck manufacturer, the X2.0 "didn’t disappoint with excellent performance on its very first test run on the high-speed tr...



Scania and Cummins to cooperate on green hydrogen project

The fuel cell electric trucks will be built on Scania’s battery electric vehicle platform and leverage Cummins’ PEM fuel cell systems and hydrogen fuelling and storage solutions. Once Cummins has added fuel cells to the trucks, the 20 trucks will be delivered to HyTrucks in 2024.

Hyzon Motors to sell 18 fuel cell trucks in Germany

Under Hylane's sustainable mobility model, fleet owners can deploy Hyzon vehicles in their operations through a rental agreement with Hylane. Further, it is expected that customers will only pay for the miles actually driven; Hylane plans to cover maintenance or downtime costs.
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