During the Capital Markets Day held not long ago and addressed to investors, Nikola announced the start of serial production for the Nikola Tre BEV truck model. The U.S.-based start-up has already collected 425 LoI / MoU / PO for the Nikola Tre BEV and up to 1,010 LoI / MoU / PO for the Nikola Tre FCEV (fuel cell) version.

About 40 pre-series trucks have already been built and customer fleet pilot testing have started in the U.S. (here’s a post about the FCEV truck). Founded in 2015, as of today Nikola relies on slightly more than one thousand employees. According to the company’s plans, production was set to begin in the United States and, later this year, the Ulm manufacturing site, inaugurated in September 2021, will be ready for production as well. At first, for the North American market, later for the European one.

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The Nikola Tre BEV and Nikola TRE FCEV timelines

Nikola Tre BEV (full electric) truck is based on the IVECO S-Way layout, thanks to the partnership with the Italian manufacturer. Commercial deliveries are expected to start in Q2, 2022, while pre-series demo deliveries began at the end of last year. In 2022, Nikola estimates between 300 and 500 deliveries. As for the FCEV truck model, alpha-series demo deliveries have started at the very beginning of this year. The first commercial deliveries are expected in Q4, 2023.

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Michael Lohscheller is Nikola Motor’s new president

«It goes without saying that hydrogen fuel cell and battery-electric zero-emission vehicles are the future of mobility, and I am extremely proud to be joining a company that is paving the way for this global transformation», stated Lohscheller. «My career has prepared me well to achieve the ambitiou…

In Europe, the full electric truck is supposed to arrive in Q3, next year. Nikola is working on a next-gen long-haul trucks, with the impressive figure of 900 mile range. The brand-new truck is supposed to come into light by 2025.


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